DOI BOY (2019)
Drama / Atmos / DCP / Colour / 96 mins.
Mobile Lab, Anti Archive.


DOI BOY depicts the story of Sorn, a 21-year-old ethnic Shan heterosexual man living as an undocumented refugee in Chiang Mai, Thailand and working as a gay masseuse and prostitute. As an undocumented worker in a socially unacceptable profession, Sorn lives an invisible yet comfortable life without any aspirations. It is only by projecting himself into the lives of others that he begins to dream. 

Cast & Crew
Nontawat Numbenchapol : Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Steve Chen : Producer
Supatcha Thipsena : Producer
Davy Chou : Co-Producer
Special Thanks : Samak Kosem and 185 Films