Doi Project (2018)

I often travel to Thailand’s borders and often I discover the inspiration to create in those places. I believe it’s the seeing and feeling a sort of blend in culture that exists in between countries. I’ve always been mesmerized by the way of life there because it is vastly different from my own in Bang- kok. The life that I’ve seen and felt helps me reflect on my own and furthers my understanding of the diversity of life and what it means to be human.

As one of the most complicated and unstable wars in the world unfold in Myanmar, the story of Shan refugees-turned-soldiers gives insight into the perpetual state of conflict and its suffo- cating effect on the lives of the innocence. It seems that the future of their people and other minorities in the region will continue to face violence and displacement without any pros- pects of relief. This becomes an opportunity to document peo- ples lives through the life of a

young stateless boy coming into adulthood. It reflects Myanmar’s social context in the transitioning from military state to democratic state, along with Thailand’s own transition from democratic state to military state.



MR. SHADOW , 2016-2018
C - Print , Mount on Aluminium 3mm edition consists of 5 prints and 1 A.P. 111.5x167 centimeter


cr. Jungo Homma

Green Canvas Doi Army Combat Boots (2016-2017)

4 Chanel video, colour, sound, 10 mins